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People might automatically think that winter is hard on truck batteries. In fact, it’s just the opposite. During the summer, heatwaves can cause heavy-duty trucks to consume more battery energy compared to winter due to several factors:

1.   Air Conditioning: The primary factor is the increased use of air conditioning (AC) systems. Running the AC in hot weather requires a significant amount of energy.For trucks, especially those with large cabs or sleeper units, the AC system needs to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature, leading to increased batteries draw.

2.   Increased Idling: Drivers may idle their trucks more often in summer to keep the cab cool, especially during rest periods. Idling consumes fuel and drains the batteries as the AC and other systems remain operational.

3.   Batteries Performance: Although extreme cold can significantly impact batteries performances, modern batteries are often better insulated against cold weather compared to heat. High temperatures can reduce the efficiency and lifespan of batteries, leading to higher discharge rates and the need for more frequent recharging.

4.   Auxiliary Systems: Summer driving might involve more use of auxiliary systems like refrigerators in sleeper cabs, especially for long-haul truckers who need to keep food and drinks cool, further increasing battery usages.

5.   Heat Stress on Electrical Components: Higher temperatures can increase the resistance in electrical circuits, making the truck's electrical systems less efficient and requiring more energy to operate normally.

Together,these factors contribute to the higher batteries’ energy consumption in heavy-duty trucks during summer heatwaves compared to winter conditions.

What you can do

First, inspect your batteries for bulges or cracks, a sure sign it’s damaged internally and is ready to fail. A battery in this condition is dangerous and needs to be replaced immediately, or it could explode when you start your truck.

Keep Them Clean

You can squeeze out more battery life by keeping your battery clean. A dirty battery runs hotter which shortens its life. See any blue salt deposits on the terminals? That kind of corrosion damages cables and impedes current flow, meaning less energy gets to where it needs to go…your starter. Have dirty terminals brushed clean, and corroded cables replaced.

Don’t Deep Discharge Your Batteries

A truck's batteries only charge when the engine is running, so when the engine is off, they can drain in a variety of ways – by using your headlights,playing a DVD or using the microwave. A typical battery can only survive about 10 of these deep depletions before it gives up the ghost.

Add an Engine Skelstart Starting Module

SkelStart is a powerful module that ensures reliable engine starting for large diesel engines under all weather conditions. SkelStart increases batteries lifetimes and provides a reliable engine that starts even when batteries are dead. Skelstart is an essential tool for those who rely on their diesel engine to power their business or operations. With SkelStart, you can rest assured that your engine will start reliably, every time.

Lastly, when you do replace your batteries, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s specifications and get the right size for your vehicle. If you run a lot of electrical equipment, you can even upgrade your batteries to make sure you never run short of power.

Your TruckPro service advisor can check your batteries health as part of a regular preventive maintenance and give you more information about how Skelstart can increase their lifetime. If the batteries are still good for a while, he can clean up those terminals, tighten up the connections and have you on your way in no time at all.

But if your truck is more than a few years old, pay special attention to checking the batteries to avoid costly breakdowns.

TruckPro news

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