North American Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind on the road!

Any customer who requires repair work under warranty and who cannot return to his original TruckPro service centre (i.e. the service centre that completed the original repair) will be able to visit another TruckPro service centre, or any participating NAPA heavy vehicle service centre in the United States, to have warranted repairs performed.

North American Warranty truckpro
truckpro warranty north american

Simple as 1, 2, 3

  • North American Warranty truckpro
    Have your
    repair done

    in one of our service centres

  • North American Warranty truckpro
    your invoice

    in your warranty file

  • North American Warranty truckpro
    Present your
    original invoice

    if you need warranty service, no matter in which TruckPro service centre you are, and let us do the work!

The TruckPro warranty program covers parts & labour
for medium and heavy roadway trucks class 8 or less, with a minimum loading capacity of 1.5 tonnes,
for 12 months with unlimited mileage!  Click here to view the Official Warranty Statement.

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